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Belle Mead Pharmacy compounds medicines for pets. Furry and fluffy family members are often prescribed medications to treat the same conditions found in humans. And in some cases, the medications prescribed are the same too. Either way, we work with your vet to create the perfect medication for your pet.


As most pet owners know, dosing a pet can be fraught with challenges. Frequently, prescription medications have a bitter taste. In animals, this is made worse by the fact that they have a very strong sense of taste and smell.

When you get your pet’s prescription compounded, we can make it a variety of flavors, such as chicken, beef or bacon. Pick the perfect one for your four-legged family member’s tastes.

Another challenge pet owners often face when giving their pet’s a prescription is dosing them. Often, the dosage is quite small and traditional pills are hard to cut in four pieces or even eight! Because compounded medications are made into the exact dosage needed, it’s much easier to dose your pet with the medication he needs.

Depending on the type of pet, certain medication forms may not be appropriate. In many cases, we can create the medication and dosage your pet needs, in a form they can easily ingest. For example, giving a pill to a bird can be nearly impossible. However, having that same prescription compounded into a sweet flavored liquid makes giving a bird the proper medication much easier. Maybe a chicken flavored chewy treat is just what’s needed for your furry friend.  Cats in particular hate pills, but they love an ear rub!  Belle Mead Pharmacy will compound the medicine into a transdermal gel or ointments that can be rubbed into the ear. Your cat will love the attention and you’ll love building a stronger connection with your pet.

Instead of struggling to provide necessary medication to your pet, talk to us and your veterinarian about compounding options. Creating the exact medication and dose your pet needs may be the perfect solution to your challenges.



The best way to contact us is to call at 631-444-0784.

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